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all about the pink

May 15, 2017


pink- not a colour i wear often nowadays but i guess i must have fallen victim to the trend as here i am wearing pink denim trousers. just not any pink trousers of course, these are my favourite asos white 'mom jeans with pleat front detail'- love them, hate the mom jeans bit though! they do however go perfectly with this mapoesie scarf, and some vintage chie mihara blush heels. and guess what- i bought these mom jeans in all available colours- did i say they had pockets, deep big beautiful ones.

pockets are the single most important criteria when i buy clothes; my left arm is paralysed and i only ever feel comfortable when my arm is safely tucked into a pocket. it's more comfortable (the arm's a dead weight so pretty heavy, and it drags my shoulder forward), and it gives me confidence. isn't it amazing how clothes can boost your mental and physical wellbeing? 


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