July 15, 2017


i was born in switzerland and came to live in london when i was twenty. i have lived in england longer than in switzerland, my english is better than my french, and england is my home.


switzerland is a peculiar country: bang in the middle of europe yet not part of the european community. i could see france across the lake from my balcony, so close yet so far. it was, and still is, very important to me to be european so it is very ironical that i have a swiss and a british passport, soon both non-eu.  


shortly after the brexit referendum in june 2016 i suddenly became aware that i was indeed a foreigner in england, despite having lived here all my adult life and being a british citizen. i somehow never really thought of myself as an immigrant.


lisa macario will embroider any slogan of your liking on a tee or sweatshirt; i therefore decided that i wanted to brand myself as the immigrant than i am. i love my adoptive country for being inclusive and so much richer for having welcomed citizens from all over the world. let's keep it that way. 



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