on location at the midcentury apartment

September 27, 2017




i don't feel particularly at ease in front of the camera, and it is a challenge for me to pose. i am always aware of my left arm's position and its lack of mobility. one of the most important thing for me ever since my accident and consequent brachial plexus injury, has been to find ways to dress and not appear physically challenged.  nowadays i really only wear clothes with pockets so that my arm is safely tucked away; if i buy something without a pocket, then i get my lovely seamster to add one.


this is my first art directed photo shoot, shot on a camera, not an iphone. these photos were taken at the midcentury apartment in brighton by photographer ania smelskaya.


over the last few months i thought i had found the best way to stand and pose for the camera; ania challenged my perceptions of what was best for me and brought movement to the photos as can be clearly seen in these images. 


i selected outfits to complement the striking backdrop of the midcentury apartment, a recently refurbished flat in a 1960s building on brighton's seafront. the owners painstakingly spent over a year sourcing vintage furniture and fittings to complement the flat's heritage. the colour palette is period appropriate, think deep blues, mustard tones and burgundy. it is available to rent for short stays, here


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