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Lobster love

I have a thing for lobsters. I do love eating them but my obsession goes way deeper than mere gluttony.

in the 1930s lobsters became a surrealist symbol for artists and fashion designers such as Salvador Dalí and Elsa Schiaparelli. fast forward 80 years and lobsters are everywhere.

Italian fashion brand Vivetta, known for its surrealist tendencies, has designed an amazing lobster adorned jumper.

Another designer with a lobster obsession is Lou Taylor. she is known for her whimsical acrylic jewellery and she has recently designed a whole range of pieces paying homage to the mighty crustacean. I was very happy indeed when Lou asked me to be the face of her lobster range entitled Lou's lobster shack.

We shot the campaign in a local Brighton photographic studio and it is clear from the resulting photos that I really enjoyed myself. We had so much fun playing with all the pieces and I think it really came through in the pictures. Thank you Lou for allowing me to be your lobster lady!

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